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Investment in the Future…

Inventions, and more generally innovations, are created by industrialists, researchers, scientists, businessmen and designers.
Our range of services is diverse, reflecting perfectly the nature of our clientele. Indeed, we advise not only small- and medium-sized enterprises but also major industries, entrepreneurs and research organisations, assisting them in their search to find an appropriate, tailor-made intellectual property strategy able to meet their needs. Our role consists mainly, via our advice and services, in converting an innovation into a monopoly right with a view to protecting the creators from infringement by competitors.

To that end, we develop strategies to provide protection in France, Europe and world-wide, applying complex industrial and intellectual property law and selecting from the various protection rights those best adapted to the specific case.

We also file in France and Europe applications originating from abroad and entrusted to us by our colleagues and clients world-wide. Innovators thereby benefit from an effective deterrent.

Beyond that, our role also involves integrating industrial property into business life by cultivating a development and investment strategy.

Furthermore, by concentrating on export and managing industrial property wisely, we create an asset of considerable value to companies, estimating risks and fiscal aspects at the same time.

Backed by expertise founded on more than a hundred years of experience, we are able to develop in our field of expertise both standard solutions as well as those specifically adapted to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.