Our Identity, Our Environment

AEnvironment with a Future…

Our firm of industrial and intellectual property Attorneys, based in Strasbourg since 1899, has an established reputation and has built up a varied and substantial client-base in France as well as in Germany and more generally world-wide.

Strasbourg, historic capital of Europe and home to numerous European institutions, is an acknowledged reference standard throughout Europe and internationally in intellectual property law because of the “Strasbourg Convention on the unification of certain points of substantive law on patents for invention” and the presence of a European centre of excellence in intellectual property matters where we are frequent tutors in training seminars and conferences.

Strasbourg is consequently a most favourable environment in which to practise our profession.

Furthermore, Strasbourg, together with Basel, Freiburg, Mulhouse and Karlsruhe, is one of the most important cities in the Upper Rhine area, a region with a population of about six million which is particularly well-developed, not only in traditional industry, but also in the innovative sectors in which “tomorrow is today’s invention”.