Acquisition of Rights

Rights with a Future…

  • Conducting pre-diagnoses
  • Assisting with design
  • Seeking protection in all fields and choosing the appropriate means of protection from patents, trademarks, domain names, designs, authorship rights…
  • Prior art searches
  • Usage inquiries
  • Patentability and freedom to operate studies
  • Filing of applications for national, European and international patents, trademarks, designs…
  • Reservation of domain names and dispute management
  • Establishment of proofs of invention dates (enveloppes Soleau, sealed envelopes…)
  • Handling of the granting of rights, registrations, oppositions and appeals
  • Portfolio audit
  • Rights portfolio management
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Practical application of laws governing the Internet and IT
  • Comparative law consultations
  • Competition law
  • Raising awareness in and training of clients.